ISGL currently offers a weekend Quran and Islamic studies school at its premises, by the name Al Rahma School. A volunteer team of approximately 20 dedicated teachers and administration staff operates the school, which starts at: 9:30 AM and goes till Sala’t Ul Duhr at: 1:15 PM.


Al-Rahma School closely follows the local public school calendar for maximum convenience for our community members. The school offers, classes from 1st (5 years of age) through 7th grades and Youth Jr and Youth for high school aged boys and girls.

School Calendar

School Registration for 2018/19

Please use the online registration system to enroll your children with Al-Rahma Sunday School:
Al-Rahma Registration Page

Curriculum Description

  • G1-G4: Focus is on Arabic reading and writing and Quran memorization of 12 small sura’hs
  • G5-G7: Focus is more on Islamic Studies (Pillars of Islam) and Quran
  • Youth Junior: A general review and in depth discussions of topics in Islamic Studies
  • Youth: Current topics to reinforce identity and Islamic behavior and Akhlaq


School Activities

The school organizes a Quran competition held annually in April.
At the end of the school year, Al-Rahma holds a fun-filled school picnic open to the ISGL community. It is a way to celebrate a year of Islamic learning and growth.


Youth MIST Activities

  • Youth participate in Boston Muslim Interscholastic Tournament held annually at MIT campus, in Cambridge, MA
  • Youth participate in annual Walk for Hunger in Boston, MA
  • Youth take active role in outreach and interfaith activities

Download 2018-19 School Calendar