You may donate to ISGL securely via our online payment system.

If you wish to give your zakat to ISGL's zakat fund for distribution to local needy brothers and sisters, then please make sure to add a note saying "Zakat" during the payment process. Please note that any type of donation (not just zakat) may be made to ISGL via this donation page.

For PayPal Account Owners: If you have a PayPal account, please use the following link ( PayPal Giving Fund ) to donate to ISGL, since there will not be any fees or transaction charges charged to ISGL. If you do not have a PayPal account or prefer to donate with a credit/debit card that is not linked to your PayPal account, please donate using the donation box below.

Click here to donate to ISGL via PayPal Giving Fund (no processing fee for PayPal account holders)

You can make your Zakat-ul-Fitr or Zakat-ul-Maal payment or regular donation to ISGL using the donation box below.
Important: Please mention the type of payment you are making in the notes section of the PayPal payment page.

For Zakat-ul-Fitr payment ($11.00/person) please mention "Zakatul Fitr"
For Regular Zakat-ul-Maal (zakat based on savings), please mention "Zakat"
For Donation to ISGL, please mention "Donation"

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