ISGL Constitution

You can view the ISGL constitution here

Organizational Structure

The Organization of Islamic Society of Greater Lowell shall consist of two units, namely:

a) General Assembly

b) Board of Directors


GENERAL ASSEMBLY: The General Assembly comprises of the paid members of ISGL. The General Assembly shall have the right to elect the President, President-Elect, Secretary and 3 (three) Board Members of the ISGL. The General Assembly shall also have the right to amend the constitution, in accordance with the by-laws of the ISGL.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Board of Directors shall be the governing body of ISGL, as per the Article VIII of the Constitution. It shall adopt policies and formulate plans in conformance with Shariah to implement the Constitution. It shall appoint an “Imam” for ISGL.It shall also appoint various committees to guide the community, in matters of Islamic conduct of the Board and its. members. It shall operate and maintain the property and other assets of the ISGL to be eligible, a Board Member must be member of ISGL in good standing.


Board of Directors

The governing body of the Islamic Society of Greater Lowell shall be a Board of Directors, consisting of Six (6) permanent, Four (4) Ex-Officio and One (1) Elected member.  

InshaAllah, for year AH 1445 (2023 to 2024) ISGL Board of Directors will be:

Member RoleMember Name
ImamSh Umar Farooq Mahmood
PresidentBr Shahab Hussain
President-electBr Alpha Barrie
General SecretaryBr Safdar Ali Khan
TreasurerBr Tariq Rahman *
DirectorSr Humaira Nissar
DirectorBr Rizwan Muhammad
DirectorBr Giamal Alwani *
DirectorBr Imran Haq Nawaz *
DirectorBr M'hamed Bouziane *
DirectorBr Syed Sibte Hassan Jafri *
DirectorBr Souheil Benzerrouk *

Note: A * next to a name above indicates that the person holds one of the permanent Board of Director's position on the ISGL Board

Each of the permanent members of the Board will serve ISGL during their residence in the Merrimack Valley. They may appoint their replacement (from eligible to vote Members of ISGL) when resigning due to personal or other reason.


The Imam of Islamic Society of Greater Lowell as well as the President of the board, the President-elect and the Secretary will all be the Ex-Officio members/voting members of the Board of Directors.


One person from the General Membership shall be elected at the Annual meeting, to serve as a member of the Board of Directors, for a period of one year. Two sisters shall be elected by the sister’s General body only if not then the board of Directors shall appoint the sisters to serve on the board of Directors. No person may serve two consecutive years in this capacity.


The Board of Directors shall meet at least once a month, to discuss the affairs of the ISGL and to review the financial status of the Society, to review the affairs of all the committees and the minutes of the meeting of the Religious committee. The quorum of the Board meeting shall be one-half of the members.


Members of ISGL may attend the Board meeting, when invited by the President of ISGL. A member may request to attend the meeting, in writing, to discuss a matter of urgency. This request may be denied by the President, at his discretion. If the President denied the request he shall inform the Board of Directors the reason of the denial and Board of Directors have the discretion to override the decision.


The Board of Directors shall select and appoint an “IMAM” of the Islamic Society of Greater Lowell. They shall also monitor his performance and review his role as religious leader of the community, and may take appropriate decisions about his tenure, if necessary. The Board of Directors will also appoint a Principal to conduct the affairs of the Islamic School.

All decisions of the Board shall be by a simple majority.


Any Director missing three consecutive Board Meetings without prior permission from the President will lose his/her seat on the Board.


To run for any position, a candidate must be a paid member of ISGL for at least one full year. Since elections are held at ISGL every Ramadan, this means that anyone who renewed/signed up for ISGL membership the previous Ramadan can run for the office during the current year.