ISGL Membership Online Form

The ISGL Board of Directors request our community to become ISGL members or if they are already members, to renew their membership early. The special membership drive will be open from March 1 2018 to the end of Ramadan 2018. New membership or early renewal will be valid until Ramadan

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Purify your wealth

Zakat is an annual tithe on one's wealth or possessions and is one of Islam’s obligations and one of its five main pillars. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH said: “Islam was built upon five pillars: to witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His servant and messe

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Zakat ul-Fitr

None of us can escape not saying a few misplaced words during Ramadan. It is from the Mercy of Allah SWT that He prescribed on us Zakat al-Fitr to get rid of the bad effect of vain talks and useless speeches in Ramadan, as well as to feed the needy on the day of `eid and make him happ

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Funding Status for ISGL Community Center