ISGL Funeral Procedure:

At ISGL we are ready to assist with the Islamic funeral needs of our community members.


  1. First, call Martin Funeral home (contact information is given below) and give them all the details so that they can start the paper work for bringing the body to the funeral home for proper Islamic ghusul/bathing.
  2. Call the ISGL contact on any of the numbers given below.
  3. ISGL will coordinate with you and the funeral home for the time of ghusul and burial.
  4. We will also arrange for people to give ghusul and the burial kit (everything needed for burial including kafan). The ghusul will be done in Martin funeral home. If we can have few family members to help us in giving ghusul then that will be better.
  5. Funeral prayer (Salat-ul-Janaza) will be held at ISGL Masjid.
  6. We will also coordinate with the cemetery for the grave site and burial time.


Funeral Home:

A funeral home is required to handle all formal/legal aspects of a burial process.  ISGL has been working with Martin Funeral home for many years. Dealing with them is very easy and they are aware of Islamic burial process. Their contact information is below:


Martin Funeral Home
308 Pawtucket Street
Lowell, Massachusetts 01854
Phone: 978-454-5214



ISGL uses the following cemetery:


Garden at Gethsemane,
Al-Marhama Gardens Section
670 Baker Street,
West Roxbury, MA 02132-2298,
(617) 325-0186


Note: If the family selects a different cemetery and arranges directly with them, please let us know so we can coordinate appropriately with the funeral home



ISGL Contacts:

Please call any of the following numbers in the order they appear:


Br. Naushad : 978-884-7625
Sr. Nargis: 978-479-2031
Dr. Tariq: 603-860-1092
ISGL Masjid: 978-970-5552 – Please leave a message and an ISGL representative will get back to you


Burial expenses:

In normal circumstances, the total expenses for the entire burial is approximately $5,200. This includes the Funeral home charges and the cost of the grave/plot. If there are any special situations like transporting body from different state or something then the cost goes up.  Since prices related to burial costs may change at any time, please talk to your ISGL contact for an updated amount for the burial cost.


Advice for the family:

Based on our experience, the following are some advices and points for the family:

  • Please sit down with your family and discuss to come up with the name of one person who shall be the point person or the decision maker related to the burial process. If this can be done ahead of time prior to any time of crisis and death in the family, then it makes it easier to deal with the process during the difficult times.
  • Also, come up with the decision about where the burial should take place. Sometimes, there are differences in opinion within the family about the burial place.
  • It is important to convey both these decisions to the extended family members.
  • The death in a family is a painful and difficult time.  Emotions may run high during such moments and various members of the family may want to do what they think is the best for the deceased person. This is understandable; however, conflicting ideas and suggestions can cause additional problems and pain for the family members, and may end up creating hurdles and delays in the burial process.  Please be mindful of this complexity and allow ISGL to help you navigate through a peaceful and respectful burial for the deceased.