Ramadan Iftar Sponsorship

We invite the ISGL community members to sponsor iftar at ISGL for Weekdays (Monday to Thursday) or Weekend days (Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays). You may request a specific date to sponsor an iftar, however, ISGL cannot guarantee that the requested date will be available and allocated accordingly. The specific days to sponsor the iftar will be assigned by the ISGL Board. You may sponsor the whole iftar or decide to sponsor part of it by paying any amount.

To sponsor an iftar at ISGL, please fill the signup form here.

DateDayStatusRef #Sponsor
3/14/2024ThurBooked23Five brothers
3/15/2024FriBooked14ISGL Fundraiser
3/16/2024SatBooked12Pakistani Group (Irfan)
3/17/2024SunBooked8Indo/Pak Group
3/19/2024TueBooked37, 38, 40, 41Pakistani Group (Sabeeh), Ahmad, Adnan, Anonymous
3/21/2024ThurBooked22IBM brothers and alumnus
3/22/2024FriBooked21Allah Ke Bande
3/23/2024SatBooked5ISGL Bangladeshi Community
3/24/2024SunBooked27Westford Community Group
3/25/2024MonBooked36Lowell Afghan Community
3/26/2024TueBooked31Unity Uplift Group
3/28/2024ThurBooked9Bangladeshi Sisters
3/29/2024FriBooked30ISGL Youth Brothers
3/31/2024SunBooked24ISGL Youth Girls
4/1/2024MonBooked34Lowell Afghan Community
4/2/2024TueBooked33Al Maghreb Al Arabi
4/3/2024WedBooked28, 29, 32, 42, 43, 46Ashai, Murtaza, FD, IBM brothers, Irfan, Westford Community Group
4/4/2024ThurBooked13, 26, 47, 48UML MSA, Seemin, Anonymous, Rainbow Group
4/5/2024FriBooked7Pakistani Group (Rizwan)
4/6/2024SatBooked15Arab Community
4/7/2024SunBooked20African night
4/8/2024MonBooked45Zahi & Reem