26 May

ISGL Elections 1440 AH (2019-2020)

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Election of Board of Directors for the year 1441 AH (2019 – 2020)

Election schedule Insha Allah:
Deadline to nominate candidates: May 19th (7pm)
Deadline to Withdraw the nomination: May 21st  (7pm)
Brief Bio and photo of candidates sent by email: on or before May 24th 
Election day: Sunday, May 26th (after iftar till 10 mins before isha azan) 

The masjid needs people who will help shape the future of ISGL at 5 Courthouse Ln.

Therefore masjid is looking for candidates

  • who can dedicate approximately 4-6 hours a week for the masjid
  • willing to attend in-person and phone meetings
  • willing to answer emails within one or two business days
  • above all willing to own action items and drive different projects to completion.


Information regarding ISGL's Election of Board of Directors for the year 1441 (2019 – 2020):

Elections will be held for the following posts:

1 - President Elect
2 - General Secretary
3 - Director
4 - Director (Sister)

(All the first 3 positions are open for brothers and sisters,  however #4 is designated for sisters only)


To run for any post, a candidate must be a member in good standing of ISGL for at least one year.
This means that anyone who renewed or signed up for ISGL membership in Ramadan 2018 can run for the office.


  • insha Allah we will also publish the name of brother or sister who nominated the candidate.
  • insha Allah we will count the votes in front of two witnesses
  • no absentee ballots please
  • If I am not at a fundraiser somewhere I will be at ISGL for Isha insha Allah, please feel free to ask me any questions
  • I am not a candidate or nominee or nominator for any position

If you care about

  • Youth programs
  • Basketball courts usage inside 5 Courthouse
  • Future Imam
  • Future shops at 5 Courthouse
  • 5 Daily Salats
  • Cleanliness of masjid
  • Tarawih
  • Iftar
  • Eid
  • Elder care
  • Janazas and Cemetery
  • Carpet first or heat first at 5 Courthouse
  • Adults education programs
  • Full time school
  • Finances
  • Other items that are important to you

Then please participate in this election process.

Jazak Allah Khair

Rashid Khan (elections@isgl.org)
ISGL Election Commissioner
Ramadan 2019