Purify your wealth

Zakat is an annual payment of alms based upon one’s wealth or possessions and is one of Islam’s obligations and one of its five main pillars. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH said: “Islam was built upon five pillars: to witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His servant and messenger, performing prayer, giving alms (Zakat), performing the pilgrimage, and fasting the month of Ramadan.” [Sahih Al Bukhari]

There are a lot of benefits in giving charity and especially the Zakah. These benefits are mentioned in the Quran and Sunna. Here are some of them: 1. Satisfying Allah SWT and gaining His pleasure, and then gaining  Paradise in the Hereafter, as the duty of paying Zakat is a kind of worship ordered by Allah SWT.
2. Purifying the soul from selfishness and purifying the heart from the love of the material.
3. Protecting the society from crime as the poor people would be satisfied by what the rich people pay to them.  At-Tabarani relates in al-’Awsat and as-Saghir, on the authority of ‘Ali, that the Prophet (PBUH) said, “Allah has enjoined upon rich Muslims a due to be taken from their properties corresponding to the needs of the poor among them”. The poor will never suffer from starvation or lack of clothes unless the rich neglect their due. If they do, Allah will surely hold them accountable and punish them severely.”
4. Uniting the society where the poor feel the brotherhood with the rich and vice versa.

There are conditions that must be satisfied by the person in order to give Zakat. In brief, these conditions are: 1. Islam. The person must be a Muslim.
2. Adulthood. The Zakat is not needed from a child
3. Sanity. The Zakat is not a must from an insane person.
4. Owning the money that is in excess of what’s needed for necessities.
5. The Nisab. It is a minimum amount of money that is owned by a person before Zakat Al-Mal can be levied. The Nisab for gold is 85 grams and for silver, it is 595 grams.
6. The Nisab must be kept one year by the owner. Human Appeal International accepts your Zakat Al-Mal at any time. You can pay your Zakat Al-Mal through any of our payment options. By donating your Zakat to HAI, you can either specify a destination or ask us to allocate funds to those most in need.

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