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The ISGL Board of Directors requests our community to become ISGL members or if they are already members, to renew their membership early. Please support ISGL at this critical time and become a new Member or renew your membership. It is important that If you attend ISGL then enroll in at least Associate level membership. An increased number of enrolled members can enhance ISGL’s image as a pivotal Islamic Community Center in this region. Members will also have the privilege of using the new services offered at a discounted fee in our new facility. Please join as a member to support ISGL.

A new online membership form has been created with an integrated and secure membership fee payment process for your convenience.


  • Discounts on services such as Classes, Events, Activities, etc.
  • Exclusive access to Gym and Sports Areas
  • Paid members are privileged to vote in elections and run for office at ISGL


ISGL protects the information of the members and it is not shared with any third parties

Online Membership Registration Form

The following are the Membership types and associated fees:

Membership Information

Membership LevelAnnual Fees
Associate Member - Individual$50 per person
Associate Member - Family$100 per family
Full Member - Individual$100 per person
Full Member - Family$200 per family
Lifetime Member - Individual$1,500 per person (one time payment only)
Business Member$500 per business

Jazak Allahu Khairan
ISGL Board of Directors

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